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Visiting the Honeoye Lake Area
WELCOME to Honeoye Lake, New York. View Map/Get Directions

Honeoye Lake, nestles between Canadice and Canandaigua lakes, is a popular recreation destination for the greater Rochester area. 10th in size, this small lake is also the shallowest, reaching a mere 30 feet at its deepest points. The shores are lined with cottages and the surrounding hills covered in farmland. Although the density of homes and cottages along the lake are not nearly as concentrated as Conesus or the other popular Finger Lakes, Honeoye is far from being as natural as Hemlock or Canadice Lakes. It does, however, represent a setting somewhat in-between.

At the north end you will find the pleasant Sandy Bottom Beach Park in the hamlet of Richmond. To the south, the state and conservation organizations have purchased thousands of acres of land lining the Honeoye Inlet to help ensure better water quality and continued enjoyment of the lake and its watershed.

The shallow depths cater well to both swimming and aquatic plant life. Abundant plant cover and consistent oxygen levels make this lake a favorite for area fisherman, who often prefer this lake over the more popular ones.

While relatively flat land surrounds the northern end, the south is lined with the giant tree-covered, rolling hills that the Finger Lake region is known for; offering a spectacular vista. This whole area is rich with gullies, many of which are unfortunately on private land. Luckily the Wesley Hill Nature Preserve on the southeast end allows visitors to hike the natural terrain, observe wildlife and explore the massive Briggs Gully.

Whether you drive from the North or from the South, passing by rolling hills of farm land or the picturesque view of the valleys on Route 15A or Route 64, you will want to take a special trip onto Route 20A that leads East and West straight through the small village of Honeoye. You will "Discover" a valley with a serene, almost mysterious spirit. The small village and surrounding area has an agricultural, natural parks and recreational feel while the lake located in the valley, has an Adirondack resort atmosphere. The cottages and year round homes that dot the shores and surround the small lake are from generations of families as well as new families. The lake is one of the prime fishing locations in the Finger Lakes Region due to it's pond like ecosystem. The lake entertains all with boating, fishing, and water skiing. The water freezes quickly in the winter which allows locals and visitors to ice fish, ice boat, and skate on this four season playground. The Honeoye Lake area is filled with artists, musicians, farmers, skilled laborers, quaint store fronts, retirees and families who contribute to this diverse community spirit of creativity, history, and a home town feel. Like the Native Americans who lived and worked the land here over two hundred years ago, the people of the community who live and work here today feel blessed with the natural beauty surrounding them. You are invited to "Experience" the Four Seasons of the parks and recreational activities that energize and rejuvenate this community everyday.

A great place to enjoy summer vacations, a winter ski weekend, family reunions, a spa retreat, or an adventure in the surrounding hills hiking, cycling, geocaching, cross country skiing,  and snowmobiling.
Honeoye Lake offers several unique lodging experiences....

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