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We all have problem pigs in our lives, nasty little things that make us angry, tired or stressed out. But no worries, here’s a perfect retreat. Details


They say that travel broadens the mind. For the moments when the body doesnt want to cooperate, we've got your back. Check out our educational resources about the area. It'll be just like stepping back in history. Details


We aim to take the plethora of infrastructure that we see around our area and unify them towards one common goal; synergy. By working closely with all of the standing organizations, we aim to create one strong and educated network of liaisons. It all starts here. Details
Honeoye Subway- Order Online!

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This locally owned franchise is proud to step into the future with online ordering. Skip the lines and get what you want, when you want it.
Turtle Rock Hollow

Click here for more info about booking a night in one of Turtle Rock's unique cabin or teepee

Everyone needs a getaway sometimes. Drop the phone, drop the stress and see what beauty our world can offer at Turtle Rock Hollow
Reclaim Public Education

Date: March 13, 2015 Time: 6:30 PM @ Honeoye Central School Auditorium

Learn more about how inadequitable funding, loss of local control, and our Governors false narrative of "failing schools" are affecting the community. Details
7th Annual Kids Ice Fishing Clinic.
Honeoye Fish & Game Club Annual Kids Ice Fishing Clinic hosts over 130 kids every year on Honeoye Lake to teach them about balancing fishing safety with fun.

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